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Name:Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Helsing
Birthdate:Dec 15
[Normal ; mini bio]

The Grand-daughter of the famed vampire hunter, Van Helsing, Integra runs the Helsing organization that is devoted to the extermination of vampires, ghouls, and the unholy undead in her service to her country and her Queen in England.

This Integra came from the end of Hellsing, either waiting for Alucard to return or Alucard returned already depending how I play her.

[AU ; mini bio]
Optional, depending where I play her. The AU part is that toward the end, she and Alucard have quite a passionate affair, and he bitten her when the war with the Major began, and she recently turned into a vampire before his disappearance after he devoured Schrodinger. So yeah, not a virgin anymore.

And while they planned to be married, her betrothed was asleep in his coffin, killing the lives within himself because Schrodinger is a cancer to his identity. This Integra held onto the belief that someday, he shall returned.

Until then, in her mourning and held steadfast to her convictions, waiting with the vampire Seras, she'll remain being his faithful Bride until the day he will return. She's very devoted and in love with her count, but waiting 30 years for him to wake up.

Therefore, she's actually 23 years old? But she's mentally in her 30s-ish.

  • A loner by nature, you can expect her to act like a widow, both distant and aloof to the approaches of men
  • You can expect her to act calm and cool, even in terrible situations, but she is motherly and protective
  • And do expect her to be proud, stubborn, and excel well in combat with the gun and the sword and verbal sparring
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